Do you need to add or remove a person from your property?

Many times, individuals wish to add a new spouse, sibling, parent or child to their residence.

The reasons why vary, but we are regularly asked to assist clients with preparing and recording deeds so that a person can be added or removed from title to a property.

  • Recently married? We can help add your spouse to title.
  • Recently divorced? We can help remove your ex from title.
  • Want to make sure your property passes automatically to your spouse of child upon your death? We can structure your title so that the property will pass to your loved ones automatically without need to probate the property.
  • Transferring or selling your property to a friend or loved one? We can help facilitate that process.

Whether you need a quit claim deed (also sometimes called a “quick deed”) a warranty deed or a life estate deed - we can help!

We prepare deeds and record them for one reasonable flat fee!

Call us today to discuss your deed needs.

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